I absolutely love my eyebrows! I previously did my own eyebrows with a razor, but she made them look exactly how I wanted them to. She did an amazing job fixing them while also being very gentle on my sensitive skin. It was also very affordable. I will continue to go to her to get my eyebrows done; I am extremely happy with my experience!

Cailyn H.

Client, Rockford, IL

Due to waxing and plucking my eyebrows for years, they became very thin. I started using Brow & Lash rejuvenator sold at Fashion Brow and after 3 1/2 weeks my brows are starting to thicken up. Brow & Lash rejuvenator really works!

Shanda W.

Client, Rockford, IL

I have a very difficult set of eyebrows that are thick and grow in a a whole whirlwind of different angles and directions. I am telling you for years i was unable to find anyone who could make them both even and look astonishing...Until i came across fashion brow. the ladies are so nice and the service is fast and efficient! they really take care of you there!

Keanna A.

Client, Oregon, Il